Garage Floor Coating

High Performance Garage Floor Coating HP Spartacote®
One of the best garage floor coating materials is an epoxy based product. This gives a very tough and durable surface which will withstand most wear and tear associated with a garage floor. This includes such things as abrasion resistance and chemical resistance including petroleum (oil, gasoline, diesel) and many there common chemicals found in an automotive shop. If applied correctly, and a good product is used, you can expect your treated floor to last over 10 years.
We utilize a DG-16 diamond concrete floor grinder to prepare the garage floor surface. The grinder  consists of rotating discs to level, smooth, and clean the top surface of a concrete slab. This process eliminates trowel marks, smooths rough edges, removes coatings, and grinds away high spots.

HP Spartacote® offers a full line of industrial-grade polyaspartic garage floor coating systems for the residential garage. Our systems are designed to transform the garage into a comfortable and clean living space, offering you and your family years of enjoyment while increasing the value of your home.